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*Terms & Conditions *

*_- First -_* We can accept Paypal on all orders ( But, no  credit cards If your order is under $15 ), Money orders and personal checks from US buyers though the items will be sent out after the check clears. Also any mailed payments must be sent with a certificate of mailing. (to insure payment doesn't get lost) For international customers we'd prefer Paypal only. However, If you really want something and need another form of payment we may be able to work something out. For All paypal credit card transactions we can ONLY ship to  the verified address.

*_- Second -_*   We'll calculate it based on your location. Also we're happy to combine shipping for multiple item purchases let us know what you want and we'll let you know a combined total. So you won't be paying every listed shipping price, those prices are only for individual sales.

*_- Third -_* No trades except for our wishlist. This may change later but right now we mostly want to make some spare cash. Also Haggling about prices is ok but, if someone comes along and wants to buy it at the listed price before we've reached an agreement, they'll get it. 
*_- Fourth -_*
We will hold items for no more than 5 days unless you ask ahead of time. Unless we either get paypal payments or the delivery confirmation number within the three days amd we haven't already discussed it we will place the items back up for sale.

*_- Fifth -_*  This is a first come first serve journal. I don't care how much more you want to pay for something if someone got to it first it's theirs unless they back out. Asking to get something in case someone backs out is perfectly acceptable. ^_^

*_- Sixith -_* We do not smoke but, we have a houseful of pets, 5 cats and one dog so there's bound to be pet hair on things. We do wash  any of the clothing without tags before shipping but, still If you are allergic please wash any clothing before wearing it and you should probably avoid plushies altogether.

*_- Seventh-_* Let's have happy transactions! We Look Forward to working with you! Please notify us and leave feedback once you've recieved your items. THANK YOU!

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Star Candy! What else could soot sprites want? But we aren't actually soot sprites so we're looking for assorted Anime and Video game Merchandise! So here's what we're looking for:

Anime dvds (all dvds must be official R1 releases):

X 1999 dvds 6-up with the slipcases (they MUST be the ones with outer slip cases)
Cowboy Bebop 1st edition DVD's 3&4 (NOT the remix editions)
Berserk Complete collection in artbox
Tokyo God fathers
I'm gonna be an angel (tenshi ni narumon) 1&3
Nightwalker - eternal darkness
Any ghibli film except: grave of fireflies, spirted away and totoro
Queen emeraldas
trinity blood box set
Ghost stories 1-5
Kizuna signature edition
Kite liberator
Spring and Chaos
Cat Soup special edition

Manga (all manga must be English):
Tokyo Babylon 7
Basara 13,15,17+
The floating classroom 1+
Sanctuary 5
Kizuna 3+
X/1999 11-14,16
Bastard 10+
Please save my earth 7+
Peach girl change of heart 7, 9, 10
Anything in English by Tezuka except metropolis and Apollo's song

Video Games & related Merchandise:
Disgaea:hour of darkness limited edition strategy guide PS2
Shin Megami tensei Nocturne with guide PS2
Any of the Japanese Parodis series on the Saturn
Any interesting Legend of Zelda merchandise

Sailor Moon deboxed dolls from any country other than the US or Canada - let us know what you have available. ^_^
Old fan subbed VHS (Not DVD's or other burns):  We're happy to pay the shipping to get a hold of some vintage (we're thinking 80's and early 90's) show fansubs on vhs so long as it's gone unreleased here in the US. so if anyone has them laying around let us know. ^_^  (note we are willing to pay shipping and possibly cost of the tape for these but, nothing more)
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February 5th, 2008: This journal is mostly empty for the time being as we're more inclined to make small sales posts unless we're selling a super ton. Our wishlist and feedback threads are updated here pretty consistently though. ^_^

August 1st, 2008 Updates in every category!

July 29th, 2008 large update in progress.

June 8, 2008: Updates in almost every category. Especially in Manga and toys!

April 24, 2008:
It's been awhile we've been buying and selling on LJ pretty consistently in small amounts but only now do we have enough items again to justify re-opening our sales Journal. New things in every category.

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